Affordable Prototype Services

The only way to cross the finish line quickly and effectively is through prototyping early. We have resolved to provide affordable engineering prototype services that you can legitimately test your design with. Unlike novelty 3D printing, our materials and precision is world class.  Tolerances are +/-.003 inches for the first 3 inches with smallest feature size of .030 inches; smaller feature sizes can be built but are built at your own risk. Very soon, you can be holding your idea in your hand for testing.

SLA- Engineered Plastic (PC Equivalent)

For engineers and flexible functional prototypes, this makes the material ideal for many applications in the automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer electronics markets.  Parts are more like true, clear engineered production parts and material has excellent dieletric properties. BIG parts, up to 25″ wide and 21″ deep.


SLA- Accura 25, 55, Extreme  (PP & ABS Simulated)

For engineers requiring rigid yet flexible functional prototypes. White/Cream colored material that is highly flexible with excellent shape retention. Outstanding feature resolution and accuracy. Ideal for functional prototypes and snap-fit applications. BIG parts, up to 25″ wide and 21″ deep.


True Plastic & Rubber

Need short run production parts?  Require a highly functional prototype that is made of real plastic or rubber? Casting True Plastic & Rubber is the ideal choice for low volume quantities (10-50) that bridge the gap between one-off prototypes and high volume injection molding.  We will build a mold of your part and cast it in real plastic or rubber so you can have production level quality parts without paying for production tooling.

3D Print Stainless Steel!

DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)allows highly complex rapid prototypes with internal structures to be built in days versus weeks and is quickly replacing the need for expensive fourth and fifth axis machining or investment casting. Powdered metal is sintered at 20-micron layers, which are then drawn in the X and Y-axes before the build tray lowers 20 microns. Stainless Steel 17-4 ,  15-5 and Cobalt Chrome available. Tolerances are amazing at +/-.001″, pure material and fully dense. Costs are about 10X of a part made with the SLA process.

CNC Precision Prototype Machining

CNC machining alloys, plastics and more for the semiconductor, medical and automotive industries. If you prefer your part be precision machined out of just about any material you want, we can help you.